Kendo-jo Flooring Experts


Can we visit a kendo-jo and try kendo?
Yes. You can experience a kendo-jo floor from samples we have, and also visit a real kendo-jo. You can compare our floors with urethane and plywood floors.

Please give us prior notice if you wish to experience a kendo-jo floor. It is best if you can give us at least one week prior to your desired visit.
With the mandatory martial arts curricula, I want to change part of our gymnasium or perhaps another room over to a kendo-jo. Is this possible?
Yes, it is possible to construct a kendo-jo floor over an existing gymnasium floor. However, each case is different so it is important that you contact us before beginning construction.
Can you construct kendo-jo floor in renovated structures?
Yes, we can assist with both new and renovated structures. We would need to hear more before we can make a proposal, so please come and visit with us.
I really don’t know anything about constructing a dojo.
Don’t worry. There is little demand for dojo construction, so even most designers, architects and construction contractors are in the same situation. If you would like to know more, please come and visit our Shinkiba office. We will assist you as best we can.
About how much does it cost?
About \100,000/tsubo (about \30,000/m2). This includes materials, construction, rubber mounts, etc.
※1 Cost will vary by grade of material and region
※2 Please contact us if you need only the flooring materials
Our quote will include material costs and construction consulting fees. Actual construction fees will be separate.
Can you come to the customer’s location to explain the specifications?
If only just explaining the specifications, we do not go offsite to do this. However, please feel free to come to our Shinkiba showroom in Tokyo.
Please give us a quote.
We can provide a rough quote for the materials and construction if we receive architectural drawings. However, we will need to meet in order to discuss the details, construction method, etc.
Please send a catalog
At present, we do not have a catalog. Please look through our home page. For any other information, please give us a call.
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